Keratin is useful for smoothing hair. The effects of a keratin salon treatment can last for several months. There are some health concerns about keratin because of the use of formaldehyde in the process of treating the hair.

There are some health risks associated with the use of formaldehyde including leukemia. However, the keratin that is used in most salons now is a much safer form than that which was used several years ago. The benefits of a treatment include being able to save about 60 percent of your time on styling your hair.

You can use less of your flat iron after a keratin treatment and most anyone would want to do this because of how damaging the flat iron’s heat can be to hair. Most flat irons are used at extremely high temperatures of about 450 degrees F.

If you are aware of the risks that are associated with keratin you can make a better decision about using it. It exists naturally in the hair as a protein. When it is applied to the hair strands it makes hair smooth, sleek and easy to style. The keratin and formaldehyde work together to fill in gaps in the hair strands. A stylist will seal this mixture in the hair with a hot iron. This makes the formaldehyde turn into a gas.

It should be noted that formaldehyde exists in many other products like bath towels. To the degree that it is used in keratin treatments, it is not enough to make an individual sick. The low-formaldehyde products sometimes do not work as well as those with higher content. Bear in mind that if there is plenty of ventilation in the salon you should be safer than if you get the treatment done in a closed-in environment.

One of the best effects of a treatment is that the hair resists frizziness. You can walk outside in the rain and not have to worry about it being affected by the moisture.
The smoothness that comes with keratin treatments is something that cannot be denied. While there might be some concerns about formaldehyde, it should not prove a huge problem when the treatment is done in the right environment.

Effects of the treatment make it much easier to style hair for several months. Using less heat is probably better for the health of the hair in the long run, making this type of treatment well worthwhile.

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