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Organic Healthy Hair Program

  • Healthy Re-Straightening——–$200~up
  • Healthy Re-Straightening———$150~up

Service Menu Page 05

Service Menu Page 05

  • Healthy Thickening Clinic 1회 ——-$100~up
  • Healthy Thickening Clinic 5회 ——-$450~up
  • Healthy Thickening Clinic 10회 ——$800~up
  • Healthy Thickening Regular Perm ——-$180~up
  • Healthy Thickening Clinic 5회 ——-$450~up
  • Healthy Thickening Digital & Setting Perm ——-$250~up

Organic Curement

$60 (1 Session), $270 (5 Session), $540 (10 Session) Our stylists will work with you to create your perfect look. With a combination of high performance and certified organic hair care products by Barex and Aeto, you will be sure to leave looking and feeling great.Our luxury aromatherapy treatments utilize the very finest organic essential oils from around the world to nourish, balance and condition your hair. Please call for a free Consultation with our experienced stylists.

Twinkle Care

$80 (1 Session), $320 (5 Session), $640 (10 Session) Specially formulated as a revitalizing treatment that eliminates frizz and curl while infusing your hair with enriching natural Keratin, leaving it incredibly soft, silky and shiny. This revolutionary straightening system is gentle, can be used on all hair types (including color-treated/previously relaxed) and dramatically reduces daily styling and maintenance time.

Mucota Clinic

$120 (1 Session), $550 (5 Session), $1000 (10 Session) Mucota gives you soft, Silky and manageable Hair texture. In addition to Japanese supplementation which is Proper clinic system, various active ingredients In high concentration Repair effectively and Maintain plenty of Moisture inside the hair. This extra-moist series Repairs various damaged Hair, like severely damaged hair or naturally dry hair and Frizz hair. While griping them more moist and manageable texture. Please call for a free Consultation with our experienced stylists.


$120 (1 Session), $540 (5 Session), $960 (10 Session) TRISYS was developed in response to the increasing need for a customized personal care product based on the fundamental science of trichology. Amitiahair offers TRISYS cortex and cuticle care solutions.

Echo Clinic

Basic Scalp Care for Women: $120 (1 Session), $450 (5 Session), $850 (10 Session) / for Men: $80 (1 Session) $700(10 Session) Designed to penetrate the scalp, dissolve debris of waste elements (oil, perspiration, air pollutants) that clog the hair follicles and cause numerous problems of the scalp and hair. In addition to these products and our customized treatment therapy, we offer naturally formulated, effective and potent liquid formulas for your everyday use to enhance the healthy growth and beauty of your hair.

Benev Clinic

Special Scalp Care : $2000 (10 Session) BENEV® G.F. Hair Care ComplexBENEV® GF Hair Care Complex is a topical solution for use on the scalp designed for or both men and women with hair loss conditions, including male pattern balding, premature thinning, post-menopausal thinning, and hair loss due to medications. The treatment focuses on the health of the scalp and hair follicles to restore a normal, healthy hair growth cycle.Key Benefits- A clinical study showed, on average, a 42% improvement in regrowth, a 33% improvement in hair thickness and a 72% improvement in the prevention of hair loss. – Contains human fibroblast media formulated specifically for the skin of the scalp to accelerate DNA repair and restore the growth factors present in healthy, young hair follicles. – Contains honeysuckle extract to provide protection against cellular injury and support for vascular homeostasis. – No side effects- One-time treatment series that does not need to be continued indefinitely; maintenance treatments may be needed two to four times yearly for some patients.- Treatment focuses on the health of the scalp and hair follicles to restore a normal, healthy hair growth cycle.* Please call Amitiehair for your consultation.


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